COME GET THIS OUT OF MY YARD! I think he asked that to see if I was rattled or not. He sure found out. So he said he would let me know what was going on. After I make the call I travel from window to window to check where he is at. No where to be found. I look again and a 3rd time. I just cant see him.

I cautiously open the door to talk to girls. I had done this a couple of times to reassure them and keep them from being afraid. They had not seen them. So I told them unlock the door I was going to come get them. So I did 1 by 1 checking windows after each one. We finally were all in. The police called back and said they had found the tracker. Best coon dogs in the area and they were out right now but would be over as soon as possible. The girls and I do not go outside to do chores or anything. It gets dark and the cat shows back up. I spot him on top the truck. We had an old ’75 ford truck 4X4 and he was draped over the roof. His tail came down the driver door, past the window and the curl was about a foot below the door handle. He did not go clean across the top of the roof but a paw slightly stretched out, almost went to the other door. His other front leg was slung over the windshield. Beautiful animal.


Of course the dog was just having a fit. Barking and jumping at the tail and just putting on a fight. Well the cat had had enough so he saunters off the roof onto the hood of that ol’ truck, metal popping as he lands on the hood. He lands on the ground and the dog goes for his throat. He gets the lower jaw instead. That cat starts shaking his head and Jace just starts a swingin. The rooster notices what is going on and here comes the T-Rex. Just as the cat dislodges Jace, Rooster starts to spur him. First it is the legs then its the stomach. It must have hurt pretty good cause the cat turned his attention the the rooster. He flips around and goes for the rooster. The rooster grabs the cat by the throat and starts to swing. Mean while Jace grabs the cats tail and is just a swingin. The cat starts to whip his tail around and back and forth. When the dog gets shook off he starts to bite anything and anywhere. The rooster and dog keep spurring and biting, swinging off the cat,  til the cat gets really mad, then the dog flew off and hit the corner of the shop dropped to the ground in a pile of fur. The rooster fights harder. He is jumping higher and spurring deeper. The cat drug him off one time and I knew he was a goner. Me of so little faith. I have no idea what he did to that cat but the cat rared back and took off. I couldn’t help myself I ran out side to see if my dog was alive. Poor baby had the wind knocked out of him but not even a wound anywhere.

From that day forward I stopped trying to get the Mean ol’ Rooster. Oh don’t get me wrong I never stopped carrying a pitch fork or bucket of water or what ever stick I could find. My karate jabs were less forceful nor did I try to hit so hard.

The neighbors dogs got him about a month later. Took all 3 of them to put him under and he really put up a fight. So I have some very fond memories of that old thing but we were really glad to see him gone. I am just to old to fight all the time. The grand kids were free to roam and me too.

The cat, He had been living in the hay stack 100′ behind the house for 3 or 4 weeks as far as they could tell. Gives me the chills as the kids were playing on that stack the entire time.

The dog lived along while afterwards. Found him dead one morning. He was deaf and blind. Love Cocker-Spaniels.

They finally found him up at the 84 year old neighbors and shot him. He apparently had been kicked in the mouth by a horse or cow and the gums on the left side were ripped off. He was scouring the neighbor hood for dog and cat food. The Rooster must have gotten a hold of that side of his mouth or face and it was just so painful the cat left. I was glad they shot him. They said he was in so much pain that he was more than dangerous. So we had a very happy ending and a live dog and rooster.

You all have a great and successful day


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