It wasn’t a dog that I had seen before. We live in the country so we get alot of animals dropped of on the road and end up at out place, so I figured that is what happened. I pull into my driveway which is about 1/8 of a mile long and as I get closer I become ever more confused. This just is not a dog.

The first thing I really noticed was the tail. It appeared to be longer then the animal. It was a mousy color blonde maybe. Its back was really humped up. You know how cows look on a really cold day. Seems their butt and shoulders are touching. That is what this appeared to look like. I think it was the head, very small and came out of its knees. I just got freaked out by looking at the thing.

I can feel the hair on my arms start to rise and on the back of my neck. This had to be some kind of mutated animal. I can feel my breathing increase. I have slowed way down because I don’t know if I will need to back down that drive or if we are safe. Finally I am about 300 feet from it and it unwinds from the porch. What in heavens name is a cougar doing on my porch. When it was done unfolding its self from the porch and jumped down. It no longer resembled a mutant of some kind. My mind is racing. What am I suppose to do. Once I identified the creature, I pulled into my parking spot. It was lovely. I have never seen one live before and it looks way different then a picture. I realized this could be dangerous. I can not get my three kids in the house before this cat could get back to the door. Finally I decided to lock them in the car and told them to not open the door for anything. By this time the cat had wander around the yard. Not sure how long but seemed like forever. Ever seen a little kid meander around the yard? Yep that was this cat. Finally he went around the side of the house and I gave him another few minutes and repeated again to the girls DO NOT GET OUT OF THIS CAR FOR ANY REASON DO YOU UNDERSTAND. They are agreed and off I went. Even with the car pulled up to the step it took me forever to get in the house. I call 911 right away and asked please send some one down here. Yes I was sure it was a cougar. How long had it been here? No idea as I just got home. What would I like them to do? COME GET THIS OUT OF MY YARD! lol I think he asked that to see if I was rattled or not. He sure found out. So he said he would let me know what was going on.

Oooops gotta run

Have a great and happy day




Hubby has been asking me to try and make some more of my kind of food. I have food allergies and am sick of eating the same 6 foods. He has been slowly moving over to allergy eating with me, even though he doesn’t need it.

We made a quick little holiday to Washington this weekend and brought back these honkin peaches. As you can see from picture they are so Big, Sweet, Delicious.

Hubby, a bit concerned that they would go bad if we bought so many(now that there is just the two of us). I can always share with the kids or eat more. In this case it will be to cook and cook and cook peaches.


These Washington Peaches were so big they filled my hand.


2 weighed 1.64 pounds.


Peach cobbler make over.

½ c almond flour,
½ c tapioca flour.
1/8 tsp each of cream of tartar, baking powder, salt (I use sea or Himalayan salt).
I mix all the dry ingredients together and leave set till peaches are done.


Adding my Pretend Butter. I use Smart Balance because I am allergic to Dairy.


Stewed peaches
1.5 pounds of peaches. (You can use how ever many you need to fit your family.)
1/3 c + 1/6 c sugar. I use ZUKLA MORENO SUGAR. (Non GMO)
2 c water for stewing peaches
I dice peaches into large bite size pieces. Cook until tender and starting turn nice and mushy. Stir frequently.


Mix the stewed peaches into the flour mixture. Stir the peaches in gently into flour mix just until it is wet. Throw it into the oven at 350* for 40 minutes or till done.


My finished Product.

I will add some 1/2 c oat flour the next time as I think it had just a bit to much liquid.

Hubby was not nearly as pleased as he was with my Marbled Peanut Butter Bars. I had to agree as a Double Chocolate Fudge Bar is way better then a Peach Cobbler.

You all have a great and happy day.


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